Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

This special after-dinner treat is a traditional, leisurely ceremony. It begins with the roasting of green ethiopian coffee beans in the kitchen. The smoking pan of aromatic beans is then brought to your table to thrill your senses. The coffee is served from a jebena (clay pot) and poured into sinis (small traditional coffee cups), while we burn frankincense at your table. This is served with ambasha, a pan-cooked Ethiopian bread.

Historical note: coffee originated in the Ethiopian province known as Keffa, where it grows wild. The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a special event – an elegant, dilatory, after-dinner social occasion with religious overtones and roots antedating Christianity itself. The ceremony is offered here as a gift of the ages from the land of 13 months of sunshine – Ethiopia. Ask your waitress about the ‘Legend of the Dancing Goat.’

For a great photo of the Coffee Ceremony you can see this one from a customer who dined at Empress Taytu recently.

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