• Starters

  • Sambusa

    • Four (4) pastries $6.50

    4 crisp pastry triangles filled with lentils, includes a spicy dipping sauce

  • Ambasha

    • Ayib $9.00
    • Collard greens $7.50

    Traditional home-made skillet-baked bread served with your choice of  Home made cottage cheese, spiced (Ayib) or Collard greens 

  • Appetizer Combo

    • $15.00

    Four lentil Sambusas, Ayib and, ambasha bread, a flavorful treat. Vegetarian

  • Shorba (soup)

    • Cup $6.00
    • Bowl $9.00

    Homemade lentil and onion soup served with ambasha on the side. Gluten Free (without ambasha) and Vegan.

  • Foule

    • Mild $12.00

    Hearty broad bean dish spiced and garnished with fresh diced tomatoes green peppers and onions. Served with ambasha bread. Choice of olive oil or butter. Mild

  • Kai’sir (beets with potatoes)

    • One serving $10.00

    Cold salad of beets, potatoes, onions, fresh lemon, olive oil, house special vinaigrette.

  • House Salata

    • With vinaigrette dressing $10.00
    • With chicken $17.00

    Spring mix garden salad with house vinaigrette dressing. With chicken or beef extra.

  • Timatim Salata

    • Bowl $10.00

    Fresh red tomatoes mixed with chopped onions, laced with jalapenos and house vinaigrette dressing. Vegan, Gluten Free.

  • Yetesenega Karya

    • Each $5.00

    Seasonal hot pepper split and stuffed with jalapeños, tomatoes and onions, hot pepper and spice sauce–peppers with peppers with peppers! Vegan, Gluten Free.

  • Avocado Salata

    • Bowl $12.00

    Avocado salad with tomatoes, jalapeños and onions. Vegan, Gluten Free.

  • Combination Entrees

  • Vegetable Combination

    • Combo $19.00

    Combination of four vegetable dishes: kik (yellow split pea), misir (red lentils), gomen (collards), and tikil gomen,(cabbage). Vegan, Gluten Free

  • Meat and Veggie Combo

    • Combo $22.00

    Combination of two meat dishes –  dorowat and sega wat – and three vegetables: kik-alicha, misir, and tikil gomen.

  • Vegan Entrees

    Includes injera and one side dish. Choose either misir, kik-alicha, tikil gomen or gomen

    Add side salad with house dressing  $4.00

  • Misir

    • Medium $16.00

    Red split lentils cooked in berberé sauce and fine herbs, and blended with chopped onions. Medium.

  • Tikil Gomen

    • Mild $12.00

     Lightly spiced Ethiopian-style cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Mild

  • Shiro

    • Medium $17.00

    Mixed legumes prepared with ginger root, rue seed, bishop’s weed, and garlic cooked with berberé sauce. Medium-Spicy

  • Kik-alicha

    • Mild $14.00

    Yellow split peas flavored with turmeric, green peppers, and various spices. Mild 

  • Gomen

    • Mild $15.00

    Chopped collard greens and kale cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, lightly laced with jalapeños.Mild.

  • Timatim Fit-fit

    • Medium hot $13.00

    Chopped tomatoes, jalapeno, lemon, Awaze sauce, olive oil, onion, and  pieces of injera. Mild or Spicy.

  • Meat Entrees

    Includes injera and your choice of either misir, kik-alicha, tikil gomen, or gomen.

    Side salad with house dressing available for $4


  • Segawat

    • Spicy $22.00

    Tender beef cubes, stewed with berbere sauce and flavored with onions, garlic, and ginger root. Spicy.

  • Fer-fer

    • Medium $17.00

    Pieces of injera deliciously drowned in segawat (berberé beef wat) Medium. Please specify if gluten free or vegan, both options are available.

  • Quanta Fer-fer

    • Spicy $19.00

    Diqosh ( dried pieces of injera) deliciously soaked with quanta ( dried spiced beef, jerky-alike) in wat.

  • Dorowat (chicken) — house special

    • Spicy $24.00

    Premier Ethiopian ceremonial dish fancy-cooked homestyle. A piece of chicken drumstick marinated in lemon, sautéed in spiced butter, stewed in berbere sauce with onion, garlic, ginger root, and served with hard boiled egg, and cottage cheese. Spicy

  • Sega Tibs

    • Specify spicy, med or mild $22.00

    Lean beef cubes sautéed in spiced butter, green peppers, onion, and rosemary. Specify spicy, medium or mild

  • Chicken Tibs

    • Specify hot or mild $20.00

    Cubes of chicken breast sautéed in spiced butter, green peppers, onions and rosemary. Specify spicy, medium, or mild.

  • If You Dare

  • Kitfo

    • Specify: raw, slightly cooked, hot, med, mild $24.00

    Ethiopian favorite, raw or slightly cooked diced lean beef spiced mitmita, cororima, and spiced Ethiopian butter, served with homemade cottage cheese on the side.

  • Gored-gored

    • Specify: raw, slightly cooked, hot, med, mild $24.00

    Cubes of raw or slightly cooked lean beef spiced with mitmita, cororema, and spiced Ethiopian butter served with homemade cottage cheese on the side.

    Note: Specify: raw (teré)* or slightly cooked (leb-leb)*, and hot or mild

     Raw beef may be dangerous to your health.

  • Taytu Special Tibs Dinners

    Served with yetesegena karya (hot stuffed pepper)

  • Sega Tibs Dinner (beef)

    • Specify hot or mild. $27.00

    Choice cubes of lean beef sautéed with homemade spiced Ethiopian butter or oil, tomatoes, onions, peppers, rosemary. Served sizzling in a clay charcoal-heated shekla. Served with a stuffed jalapeño on the side–substitutable for kai’sir, or tikil gomen. Please specify spicy, medium or mild.

  • Yebeg Tibs Dinner (lamb)

    • Specify hot or mild. $33.00

    Choice cubes of lean lamb imported from Australia, sautéed with homemade spiced Ethiopian butter, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and rosemary. Served sizzling in a clay charcoal-heated shekla. Specify spicy, medium, or mild.

  • Inguday Tibs Dinner

    • Specify hot or mild $20.00

    Mushrooms sautéed with spiced butter, onions, garlic, ginger and berbere, served steaming in clay charcoal grill. Note: choice of butter or olive oil  Specify hot or mild   

  • Tilapia Tibs Dinner

    • Specify hot or mild $22.00

    Tilapia sauteéd with spiced butter, onions, fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger, and berbere; served steaming in clay charcoal gril. Note: choice of butter or olive oil

  • Desserts

  • Missionary’s Delight

    • One serving $5.00

    Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup or mango juice.

  • Peanut-Butter Injera with Organic Honey

    • One serving $7.00

    Taytu original: rolls of injera with peanut  butter and sugar inside

  • Taytu Cake

    • Cake and ice cream $6.00

    Homemade cupcake served warm with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Ask about cupcake flavors of the week.

  • Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

  • Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

    • For 1 or 2 $14.00
    • For each additional person $3.00

    Special after-dinner treat, a traditional, leisurely ceremony starting with the roasting of green coffee Ethiopian beans in the kitchen, the smoking pan of aromatic beans brought to your table. The coffee is served from a jebena (clay pot), poured into small traditional coffe cups, with incense burning on the side. Served with ambasha bread. (Decaf available).


    Historical note: coffee originated in the Ethiopian province known as Keffa where it grows wild.

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