Oil Free, Gluten Free* AND Vegan!

Below entrées and appetizers are available as oil free upon request. Please either call in advance or allow 20-30 min preparation time in house. Gluten free injera is available for $3 per whole injera, please specify if needed. Click here to see more gluten free and vegan favorites.

Foule Hearty broad fava bean dish spiced and garnished with fresh diced tomatoes, green peppers, and onions. Served with ambasha (ambasha is a skillet baked flatbread different from injera. Ambasha does contain gluten and is served on the side) $10

Kai’sir (beets with potatoes) Cold salad of beets, potatoes, onions, fresh lemon and vinegar. Mild $7

Timatim Salata Fresh red tomatoes mixed with chopped onions, laced with jalapeños and house vinaigrette dressing. Mild or Spicy $8

Avocado Salata With tomato, jalapeno and onion $10

Misir Red split lentils cooked in berberé sauce and fine herbs, and blended with chopped onions. Medium $14                                                               

Shiro Fit-Fit Mixed legumes prepared with ginger root, rue seed, bishop’s weed, and garlic cooked with berberé powder and blended with pieces of injera. Medium $16

Kik-Alicha Yellow split peas flavored with turmeric, green peppers. Mild $13

Timatim Fit-Fit Chopped tomatoes, jalapeño, lemon, berberé, and onion blended with pieces of injera. Mild or Spicy $13


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