• Vegan and Gluten Free


    The majority of our menu is both gluten free and vegan. Here is a brief history explaining why vegan food is so engrained in Ethiopian culture. One of the dominant religions in Ethiopia is Orthodox Christianity. Practicers of this faith engage in fasts all throughout the year. When Orthodox Christians fast, they do not abstain from all intake of food but rather become vegan until the end of a fast. Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity “became the official religion of the Aksumite kingdom in the fourth century, [but] the religion had been known in Ethiopia since a much earlier time”.** Therefore, vegan dishes have been a part of our history for centuries. They are not modifications of non-vegan dishes. They simply exist as their own entities–both complex and rich in flavor. See below for some of our vegan and gluten free recommendations.

    **Read more about Ethiopian Orthodoxy here.


    Gluten Free

    All of our entrées are gluten free. Appetizers that contain gluten are the Sambusa, Ambasha, and Chechebsa. There is one desert that contains gluten which is the Taytu Cake. All other appetizers, entrees, and desserts are completely gluten free!

    IMPORTANT: Make sure to ask your waitress for the gluten free injera ($3 per whole injera) and specify whether you would like your appetizer/entrée to be served on a separate plate from those dining with you who are eating our regular injera. Our gluten free injera is made from 100% teff***. Our “regular” injera is a blend of teff and wheat flour.

    ***For more information about teff and its high nutritional value click here.

    We have assembled a list of some of our vegan (and gluten free!) favorites in addition to the veggie combo:

  • Appetizers

  • Buticha (garlic and jalapeño chick pea dish)

    Chick pea pâté with onions, garlic and jalapeño

  • Avocado Salata

  • Foule (fava bean stew)

    Hearty broad fava bean stew spiced and garnished with fresh diced tomatoes, green peppers and onions. Served with ambasha bread and Mitmita (hot spice blend) on the side. Choice of olive oil or butter. Mild

  • Kai’sir

    Cold salad of beets, potatoes, onions, fresh lemon, olive oil, house special vinaigrette

  • Entrees

  • Shiro

    chick pea and mixed legume dish spiced with bishops weed and berberé. 

  • Inguday Tibs

    Sautéed mushroom dish, please specify oil instead of butter and can be prepared as mild, medium, or spicy

  • Fer-Fer

    Injera drowned in Kulet, a sauce containing onions, berberé and, if you want, jalapeños too! Please specify if gluten free, please specify mild or spicy.

  • Timatim Fit-Fit

    Injera drowned in a blend of tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, berberé & our simple oil and vinegar house dressing. Please specify if you need gluten free. Please specify mild, medium or spicy.

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