Treat Yourself to Cleveland’s Only Authentic Ethiopian Dining Experience

Reservations strongly recommended, especially on weekends.

Make your reservation online or by calling us at (216) 391-9400

If you would like to reserve for more than six people or have any difficulty with the online reservation system please call us directly. 

Empress Taytu Restaurant_1Cleveland, OH

One check for groups of six or more

Cash only for MeetUp Groups

Setting charge (with no food order)  $5 per person

Extra serving of injera $2 


1.   Sambusa                                                   2.  Ambasha      

4 crisp pastry triangles filled with choice          Traditional home-made skillet-baked bread

of Lentils or Beef        $6.00                              served with your choice of:

                                                                          a) Home made cottage cheese, spiced (Ayib)  $7.00                                                                           b) Collard greens $6.00

3.  Appetizer combo                                          4.  Shorba (soup)

Two lentil sambusas, two beef sambusas,         Lentil & onion homemade soup,

Ayib, Gomen and ambasha  flavorful treat.         a) Cup $4.00    b) Bowl $5.50


5. Foule                                                               6.  Kai’sir  (beets with potatoes)

Hearty broad bean dish spiced and                     Cold salad: beets, potatoes, onions,

garnished with fresh diced tomatoes                    fresh lemon, olive oil, house special

green peppers and onions. Served with               vinaigrette.  $6.00

ambasha bread. Choice of olive oil or

butter. Mild  $10.00


7. House Salad                                                     8. Tomato Salad

Spring mix garden salad with                                 Fresh red tomatoes mixed with

house vinaigrette dressing.  $ 7.00                        chopped onions, laced with

with chicken or beef     $ 12.00                               jalapenos and house vinaigrette

dressing.     $8.00


9 a.  Yetesenega Karya                                        9 c. Buticha and Azifa

Seasonal hot pepper split and stuffed                   Chick pea and whole lentil combo with

with jalapeños, tomatoes and onions,                    lemon, onion, garlic, and olive oil  $10.00

and mixed with ‘kotchkotcha’ (hot pepper

and spice sauce) —                                              9 d. Che-chebsa

Pepper with peppers with peppers!   $4.00           Kita (thin bread) with berberé,

                                                                               flavored with spiced butter or olive

9 b.  Avocado Salad                                              oil.                                  $10.00

With tomato, jalapeno and onion.   $10.00

Empress Taytu Restaurant_2Cleveland, OH

 Combination Entrees

Kik-alicha (yellow split pea), misir (red lentils), gomen (collard greens), tikil gomen (cabbage),

segawat (spiced beef cubes), kai’sir (beets with potatoes),

sega tibs (sautéed lean beef  cubes with spice blend), and dorowat (spicy chicken sauce). 

Side salad with house dressing

available for $3.00


10.  Vegetable Combination                               11.   Double Meat Combination

Combination of five vegetable dishes:                   Combination of two meat

kik (yellow split pea), misir (lentils),                       stews: Dorowat (chicken) and segawat

gomen (collards),  tikil gomen                                (beef).            $17.00

(cabbage), and kai’sir (beets & potatoes).



12.  Meat and Veggie Combo

Combination of two meat dishes –  dorowat and sega tibs

– and three vegetables: kik-alicha, misir, and

tikil gomen. $20.00

Vegan Entrees

Served with your choice of kik-alicha, misir, and tikil gomen.

Side salad with house dressing  $3.00

13.    Misir                                                             14.  Tikil Gomen

Red split lentils cooked in berberé                         Lightly spiced vegetable stew of

sauce and fine herbs, and blended with                cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.

chopped onions. Medium. $12.00                                           Mild.  $10.00


14.   Shiro                                                             16. Kik-alicha

Mixed legumes prepared with ginger                     Yellow split peas flavored with

root, rue seed, bishop’s weed, and                        tumeric, green peppers, and

garlic cooked with berberé sauce.                          various spices.

Medium. $15.00                                                      Mild. $11.00


 17.  Gomen                                                          18. Timatim Fit-fit

Chopped collard greens cooked with                    Chopped tomatoes, jalapeno, lemon,

onions, garlic, ginger, lightly laced                        Awaze sauce, olive oil, onion, and

with jalapeños. Mild. $10.50                                  pieces of injera. Medium hot.  $10.00
Empress Taytu Restaurant_3Cleveland, OH

Meat Entrees

Served with your choice of kik-alicha, misir, gomen, and tikil gomen.

Side salad with house dressing available for $3.00


19.    Segawat

Tender beef cubes, stewed with

berbere sauce and flavored with

onions, garlic, and ginger root.

Spicy. $16.50


20.   Fer-fer                                                             21.   Bozena shiro

Pieces of injera deliciously soaked .                        Mixed legumes with beef prepared

with segawat (berbere beef wat)                              with ginger root, rue seed, bishop’s

Medium. $12.00                                                        weed, and  garlic cooked with

berbere sauce. Medium   $16.00


22. Dorowat (chicken) — house special

Premier Ethiopian ceremonial dish fancy-cooked homestyle. A piece of

chicken breast and drumstick marinated in lemon, sautéed in spiced butter,

stewed in berbere sauce with onion, garlic, ginger root, and served with hard boiled

egg, homemade cottage cheese, and collard greens. Spicy. $20.00


23.  Sega Tibs

Lean beef cubes sautéed in spiced butter,

green peppers, onion, and rosemary. Specify hot or mild. $17.00


24.   Chicken Tibs                                                   25.   Shrimp Tibs

Cubes of chicken breast sautéed in                         Shrimp sautéed in spiced butter.

spiced butter, green peppers, onions,                      green peppers, onions, and

and rosemary. Specify hot or mild. $16.50               rosemary. Specify hot or mild. $21.00


If You Dare

26. Kitfo                                                                   27. Gored-Gored   

Ethiopian favorite, raw diced lean beef                     Cubes of raw lean beef spiced with  

spiced with awazé (hot) sauce, jalapeño                  awazé sauce (hot), jalapeño peppers,

peppers served with home made cottage                 served with home made cottage

cheese. $20.00                                                          cheese. $20.00

Note: Specify: raw (teré)* or slightly cooked (leb-leb)*, and hot or mild

 Raw beef may be dangerous to your health.

  Empress Taytu Restaurant_4REVCleveland, OH

Taytu Special Tibs Dinners

Served with yetesegena karya (hot stuffed pepper)


28. Sega (beef)                                                         29. Yebeg (lamb)

Choice cubes of lean beef fried with                          Choice cubes of lean lamb fried with

spiced butter, onions, rosemary, and                         spiced butter, onions, rosemary, and

served still cooking in a clay charcoal                           served still cooking in a clay charcoal

grill.                                                                             grill.

Specify hot or mild. $25.00                                         Specify hot or mild. $27.00                                     


30.  Inguday Tibs

Mushrooms sautéed with spiced butter, onions, garlic,

ginger and berbere, served steaming in clay charcoal grill.

 Note: choice of butter or olive oil 

          Specify hot or mild       $15.00


31. Missionary’s Delight                                      32. Peanut-Butter Injera         

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate                            Taytu original: rolls of injera with peanut

syrup or mango juice. $5.00                                   butter and sugar inside. $6.50


33.  Taytu cake

Home made chocolate or vanilla cake with ice cream.  $6.00


34. Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Special after-dinner treat, a traditional, leisurely ceremony starting with the roasting of green

coffee Ethiopian beans in the kitchen, the smoking pan of aromatic beans brought to your

table. The coffee is served from a jebena (clay pot), poured into small traditional coffee

cups, with incense burning on the side. Served with ambasha bread. (Decaf available).

For 1 or 2   $14.00          for each additional person $3.00

 Historical note: coffee originated in the Ethiopian province known as Keffa 

where it grows wild.

Empress Taytu Restaurant_5REVCleveland, OH